This week I felt like sharing some of the outfits I’ve been wearing. As you can see many of the items appear in several outfits. I just like these items that all, I wasn’t trying to create outfits around some items.

Also I am aware that this is only four outfits, but I only came up with the idea of documenting it Tuesday and I can’t for the life of me remember what I was wearing on monday… So enjoy the 4 outfits I do have.



I really love the trend of tee’s with brand or band prints. I’m currently on the hunt for more.

The pink Adidas sneakers are my current favorite ( I am aware of the typo in the picture but I really can’t be bothered to change it) and I wear them whenever the weather allows it.

This is the only picture where I included my watch but I an wearing it everyday so even though it isn’t featured in the next outfits I did most likely wear it.



This outfit is in many ways the same as the day before but I don’t care I love this look.

I’ve borrowed my moms aviators for a while now and are trying to get some more wear out of them, but I’m uncertain as to if they fit me.



Both the blazer and the skirt are new. I knew I was gonna love the blazer from the first time I saw it. But I was on the fence with the skirt, it turns out I love it and have an easy time making outfits with it.

I bought my Campbell heels a few years ago now, and they haven’t gotten the love they deserve. I want to style them more often, although heels aren’t the smartest choice of footwear at my school.



Today I’m trying out a new job and I have a party so I’ve tried to style something that would be appopriate to both occasions.

This (super) high-waisted pencil skirt is so flattering on. And paired with a pretty tee-shirt can be dressed down enough for everyday use. Paired with a blouse or crop-top could style it up for a night out or a more formal setting.