I’m a feminist. No I don’t hate men. I think they can be very useful for certain things, like reaching things in tall places, opening jars when I don’t feel like it, or fetching things. At times they can even be used for sexual pleasure, but that’s not what this is about.

I don’t really see how you can’t be a feminist. I mean who really believes that human rights only apply to one sex?

Women were oppressed between the plow and the pill.

I heard this phrase once and it resonated with me. Before humans started to cultivate the earth men and women were equal because they were both vital to survival. Both sexes had to contribute for there to be enough food. Then once the plow was invented, you didn’t have to go far to ensure enough food. Men could now hunt and gather and the oppression of women began. From this point onward the single most important taks for women were to bear children. Slowly but surely all other rights were stripped from us.

And it has been so until the pill was released and with that women took back ownership of their bodies. No longer just a baby-making-machine. Women started to take on the workforce, the traditional daddy-works-mommy-stays-home family construction has to make way for new family types, realizationย that there is such a thing as female sexuality, and the feminist fight blossoms all around the western world.

So all though the fight is not over I believe that female oppression started with the plow and ended with the pill.


Why do we need feminism then?

“If there is no more oppression of women why do we still need feminism?” I think all feminists have heard some version of that sentence. It’s probably the same kind of people that say “I believe in equal rights but I’m not feminist”.

Some think that quotas are the way forward. Honestly I’m against the idea of quotas. I think you should hire whoever is the best qualified for the job, regardless of said persons gender, color or belief. Yet I see how quotes are probably necessary until we balance the representation of the genders. I also think that as more women enter male dominated positions and jobs the gender pay gap will close in. So therefor feminists are still needed to promote women, to shed light on women who do well and to push politicians to end the gender pay gap.

I once had a discussion with a friend.

We were discussing hiring women and the “risk” of them going on maternity leave. Here in Denmark you aren’t allowed to ask a potential employee whether or not she is pregnant or planing to be so. This is of cause to protect women form discrimination when applying for jobs. Yet my friend expressed that he would probably hire a man over a woman if he thought she would get pregnant in the near future. This is exactly why I know we still need feminism.

I hope that we’ll get rid of the old gender roles that say women go on maternity leave and men don’t. I hope that we can stop employers from not giving women a chance because they can bare children. I want us to be ableย to breastfeed in public. I wantย men to be able toย cry without a stigma being attached to it. I hope to see children of all genders in both pink and blue, playing with both G.I. Joe and Barbie.