This months favorites is both late and short and I apologies for that but it’s just been one of those months were I set out the month with good intentions and then life (read school) got in the way.

But non the less here are some of the things I’ve loved this month.


I was in Greece as you know if you have read my most recent post. In Greece I had a Gyro for the fist time. If you don’t know what a gyro is it’s like the greek version of a burrito or a durum. It is delicious and I wish we had a place here in Aarhus where you could get them!

Sherlock Holmes book and other murder mysteries

Recently I bought my self a Sherlock Holms book called Art in the Blood. It’s not one of the original stories but one written by Bonnie MacBrid and it is really good. I’ve been a big fan of the show Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman for a long wile now and this book had very much the same vibe.
In Athens the Airbnb we rented had a great book case with several Agatha Christie book so while I was there I read several of Hercule Pirot’s adventures.
I’ve realized that I really like that kind of murder mystery stories. They are more about the puzzle and less about the gore and blood than new crime-books in my opinion.



For my birthday this year I went to a bordgame cafe with a bunch of my friends. We played a couple of games where everybody could participate at once. It was so much fun and a really good way of engaging everyone of your guests. And I mean who doesn’t love boardgames? It was one of the best birthdays I’ve had.


This month I saw Coco the new Disney animation and I loved it! The music is amazing and the story has a really good and important message about the value of family. I was dissolved in tears through out the majority of the movie because it is just so gorgeous.



If you saw my post on what to bring in a carry on, I got myself a new suitcase and I’m completely in love with it. It holds much more than I expected and is super easy to pack in. Although I didn’t completely succeed in keeping it tidy on the trip I think that is more my fault than the suitcase.

Enormous ice-creams

While I was in Athens (I know a lot of these favorites are Athens related but I rarely do something interesting so this is what you get) the weather was great and one day my friend and I decided to get ice-cream and of cause we found the place that sold the biggest. It was as big as my head. AMAZING!


This month I leant that I can have falafels and it has blown my mind! FALAFELS ARE AMAZING! I can’t get enough!

I know this was a short and rather rushed favorites. I’ll try to make it better for March. Hope you enjoyed February and will enjoy March.February_Favorites