I want to start making these favorit-posts as a recurring thing on the blog. For now they will be in text, but maybe I’ll make some of them as videos in the future.
I really enjoy other people favorites and I hope you will enjoy mine.


LUSH cleanser and mask

Back when I was in London I bought some LUSH product and here in January I’ve especially loved the “Let the good times roll” cleanser. It’s a rental cleanser with popped corn oil, polenta, maize flour and cinnamon. It smells divine and leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean.
The other product is the “Just to clarify” jelly-mask. This is the first Jelly face mask I’ve tried and I love it. First of all it is just fun to touch and work between the fingers. Secondly it feels nice. The one I have is a clarifying mask with papaya, bamboo stem and fresh orange juice.


This has been a favorite ever since I got it which is about 6 months ago. If you don’t know what it is it’s a mensuration-cup. You insert it like a tampon but it is a reusable silicone cup that collects the blood before it exits the body. This mean it won’t smell and you can’t go into shock if you leave it in for to long. And hey as a bonus it is more sustainable and cheaper than tampons or pads.
I can highly recommend you try one if you haven’t.


Waking up early

My goal for 2018 is to wake up early and have a good morning routine. January started out really good and then I kind of failed during the last half. But I haven’t given up on myself and my goal yet. I love to wake up early and have that slow relaxing morning so I’m working on getting back into it.




I’ve re-found my love for reading within these last couples of months. I haven’t ever understood how you could not like reading. To me it’s like watching movies, sometimes even better. To dive into another world and become invested in the characters of that world is amazing to me.
I’ve finished four books this month but I’d like to include two of them here.

“Happy City- Transforming our lives through urban design” by Charles Montgomery is a book about city living and how it affects our well-being. The book highlights some of the issues that mid-century city planning have posed and how we can start to fix some of them. If you like architecture, psychology or anthropology I think you will like this book.

“Hag-seed” by Margaret Atwood is a re-writing of Shakespeare’s the tempest. It’s quiet meta, our main character is setting up a production of the tempest simultaneously his life unfolds like the tempest as well. Atwood writes really well and succeeds in creating characters that you both don’t like and feel sorry for.
If you are into theatre or Shakespeare or just like a good revenge story then I think you would enjoy this.

The Crown season 2

I don’t know what more I need to say about this. If you haven’t seen this series I can only highly recommend you watch it. It’s a Netflix series and it is incredibly beautiful.

Doctor Who

I’ve started watching this again and I can love it. It is fun, creepy, weird and cute all in the right measurements.

Assassin’s Creed Origens

My boyfriend recently bought this and I’ve been playing it when the possibility presents itself. I think it is a really beautiful game, well made and complex. I haven’t gotten so far in the story yet but I’m a fan of the game series in general and so far I’ve not been disappointed.


In my quest to eat more vegan/vegetarian I’ve tried some new things and I want to share them here.


Smoothie bowls

This is basically putting a smoothie in a bowl and add muesli and fruit. AND IT IS DELICIOUS! You should try it if you need to spice up your breakfast.

Caco nibs

I’ve been sprinkling this on my smoothie bowls and in pancakes. It’s delicious.

“cheese” sauce

I made this vegan cheese sauce the other day and it is really good. It’s based on potatoes and carrots. I found the recipe on www.frommybowl.com


What have been some of your favorite things this month?