Welcome to the third installment of my monthly favorites. The month of march was a busy one and I fell like it has flown by. I don’t know if that is something that comes with age, but I don’t remember the months going by this fast when I was younger.
My march favorites are a bit all over the place and there aren’t many actual products that I’ve loved this week, but that is mostly because I can’t afford new products. Student Budget. So the list is more general this month.

House plants

My first favorite this month is house plants. I love house plants, but I don’t always have the best of luck with all of my plants. Currently I have two dying on me for completely opposite reasons. But I’m trying to educate myself to take better care of the plants so that I can hopefully make them thrive. Right now I have 3 plants that are doing great, 1 that I can’t really read and two that are dying.
I have plans to repot a few of them, get some cuttings from friends or buy some new plants to the collection soon. If you’d like I can keep you updated on the plant situation.


Chinese food

I’ve had some late nights at school here in march and been bad at grocery shopping, so I have rediscovered my love for greasy Chinese food. Especially when I feel a little bit under the weather as I do at the moment.


In relations to me feeling under the weather I’ve been drinking a lot of tea. Well actually I’ve been drinking more hot water with honey than actual tea. That doesn’t change my love for tea. I haven’t been loving any particular tea just tea in general.


In march I downloaded my library’s app where you can loan e-books and audiobooks. So I’ve been listening a lot to audiobooks while working on my projects as school. So far I’ve “read” the first book in the mortal instrument series and are currently listening to the next.

Quick make-up

I’m working on getting up early. Waking up early is going pretty well but getting out of bed has been hard. So on the days where I actually feel like putting on make-up it has been quick and easy. I still love make-up and enjoy putting it on. I just enjoy my bed more and don’t really care about make-up when I’m going to school.

Dinner with friends

Who doesn’t love dinner with friends. I don’t even know if I need to write anything about this. I think I will just say that I have really enjoyed the make-shift dinners my friends and I have had recently. Dinners don’t have to be big, elaborate and expensive. I think cheep dinners where everybody brings something are sometimes better.



One of my biggest favorites this month was Storm the play that Teatermejeriet put on this year. It was perfect and amazing all the way through. Storm was a play about the 15 year old boy Storm who is figuring out who he, growing up and falling in love with Casper. It is also about the city inside Storm and how they have to adjust to Storms evolution just as much if not more than Storm has. It is a story about love, acceptance, and being hornets with yourself.
I’ll write a blog post all about Teatermejeriet and what I’ve learnt from the 10 years I’ve been a part of it, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Elefant bar

ElefantBar is an annual event that ArkiBAL throws every year at the concert venue TRAIN here in Aarhus. The concept is that we serve Carlsbergs Elefant Øl and decorate TRAIN with elefants of different kinds. This year was my second both being a part of the preparations and the party. Even though we had some issues this year it was still a great success. If you are in the Aarhus area the next time we throw Elefant Bar I can only encourage you to go!


I want a dog so bad at the moment. It will have to wait though because of exchange and internships and my financial situation right now. But as soon as I can I will get a little pupper! So to torture myself I’ve been checking out what dogs are at the shelters in need of a loving home, watching dog videos on facebook, and training Β and rescue videos on youtube.



These were my favorites this month. Have you loved anything that you think I would like let me know!