As any wannabe hipster in their twenties I have a collection of records.

My collection started some years ago. One day my mom found her old record player in the attic. I don’t remember whether or not I’d previously expressed a desire for a record player, but when she found it I wasn’t slow to take it. She also found my parents record collection. I went through it and picked out the ones I found interesting. Since then I’ve bought and been gifted a couple of records so my collection at this point is a mix of the 80’ies records and some newer ones.


My fascination for records probably started when the music industry started producing them again.

I’m not the biggest music fanatic. I appreciate good sound but I would rather listen to the rusty sound of my phone/computer speakers than not listen to music at all. So my interest for records has nothing to do with the sound. Unlike others I don’t think the sound is much different from that of the CD or stream. It is the experience of picking the record, putting it on and having to flip it after x number of tracks that I find intriguing. I listen more carefully and appreciate the music more. It’s different from pressing play on a Spotify-playlist.

My top 5 favorite records. 

These are not in any particular order but these are the records I’ve been loving the most recently. It was hard to
narrow it down to five and some of my favorites didn’t make the cut (but my to 7 favorite would be a wired thing). So some honorable mentions are Ed Sheerans Mulititude and The Killers Battle Born. 

Anyways my five favorites are

Amy Winehouse Back to Black

PINK Floyd Delicate Sounds of Thunder


Arctic Monkeys AM


Tracy Chapman Tracy Chapman


Ben Howard Every Kingdom


So there you have it. What are your favorite records/songs? Let me know in the comments or on twitter I’d love to know!