I’ve collected a few new beauty bits and pieces over the past couple of weeks and I felt like sharing that with you.

The first thing I got was a recommendation form NikkiTutorials. In one of her videos she recommended the OFRA Blush Palette which contain 12 gorgeous blush colours for all kinds of skin tones as well.


My first thoughts when I opened the package was that the packaging was cheap looking. The blushes are placed crooked and the little mirror is not completely centeret. My immediate thought was that I really wasted my money on this one.

Don’t be deceived by the rubbish packaging the blushes are AMAZING! They are so pigmented and soft. They glide on the skin so easily and you need the tiniest bit (trust me I tried the hot pink one and used way to much. Ended up looking like a 6 year old dressed as a doll….).

The shades are all in beautiful colours that range from hot pink to bronze making it a great palette if you do make up on others as it offers colours that suit all skin tones.

Plus with 12 colours who needs to by other blushes ever?


A few weeks ago I finally found a MATAS store that had NYX (which has just launched in Denmark and have been sold out everywhere…). So of cause I had to get me some NYX lip products. I was really going to get some of the colours from the lip lingerie collection but those where pretty much sold out. So I went for the next best thing!

I’ve been on the look out for some nude or natural lip liners and thought I’d give the NYX Retractable Lip Liners a go. I got the colours Nude and Pink Nude (I know super interesting names). I really like the colour pay off and the formula is really soft and creamy. This has however also meant that mine break off while I’m trying to apply them which is pretty annoying… Other than that I’m really pleased with the feel and saying power of the liners.


I also got myself a Matte Lipstick and a Soft Matte Lip Cream, and then the girl at the counter was so nice as to give me another Matte Lipstick as well.

Both the Matte Lipstick and the Lip Cream are soft and creamy when applying them. The Lip Cream also have a nice scent that reminds me of the TwoFaced melted lipsticks.

The staying power is decent on both the lipstick and the lip cream if you give them time to dry.


All in all I’m really pleased with my recent purchases.

What are some of your favorite recent purchases?