As summer approaches I’ve refund my love for nails. More specifically nail polish.

I’ve taken a break form nail polish for some time now

and that is partly because I have the most pathetic weak nails on the planet and partly because I chip my nail polish within the first 20 minutes of applying it.
But my nails have approved a little and I’ve “forgotten” that they chip immediately.
With the warmer weather coming I took to my polish collection and found som fresh spring/summery colours to decorate my nails.


Blue nails

is something I’ve loved forever. A light blue or turquoise like the cover picture for this post is almost always flattering no matter what situation you find yourself in. The deeper sky blue in the picture above is a bit more tricky but just as gorgeous. It would go very well with jeans and a striped shirt or and kind of nautical outfit.


Yellow nails

I think this is my favorite colour this year. It is fun, cute and uplifting plus yellow goes with so many outfits. Especially if your wardrobe consists mostly of monochrome and navy colours like mine. And I mean imagine how happy you’ll be every time you glance down at your hands and see that happy colour, wouldn’t that just make your day?


Neon green

This colour is the one I find the hardest to ware, but nothing says spring and summer like a vibrant neon green right? Anyways I think the colour is gorgeous and I’ll try to wear it more this season.

Pretty Pinks

Pink is always a safe bet when it comes to nails. Basically all colours on the pink spectrum are flattering, but for the summer I prefer light pinks like the picture below or more coral pinks like the picture above.


If nail polish is not really something you use but want to I would recommend to try out pastel pinks. It wont be to far from your natural nail colour (granted you are as pasty white as me). If you still think pink is a bit to frisky for you to start with, there are tones of beautiful nude colours for you to die for.

Hope you are all enjoying the weather getting warmer and the nights getting longer. And I hope you got some inspiration for your summer nails. Whether you are wearing them everyday or to events like weddings.

I’m gonna end the post here, my food is burning so I’ve gotta go try to save it.