This is not really a post it’s more of and update.

I’m currently in Aarhus, Denmark for an admission test at AARCH (Aarhus school of architecture) so I don’t have time (or brainpower) to write you all a really post. AND I’M VERY SORRY FOR THAT!

But I do have some post planed for the next couple of weeks so fear not!

My summer playlist will be coming next week, and I have some new make-up products to share.

I’m currently also in the middle of all my exams. So if you want to hear how I cope with that or my study rutine (hahaha.. that’s a good one Emilie, you know you don’t have a study rutine, you suck at studying..) then let me know.

Hope you are all enjoying the summer and the sun. If you miss some sun then the picture is for you.