I actually love skincare. I’m just really lazy.

My story with skincare started when I was about 12 or 13 and got really ( I mean REALLY) bad acne. I think I tried every “skin-drying, life sucking” acne product. I really wasn’t nice to my skin and my acne wasn’t going anywhere. On top of that I caked up on foundation. Evidently making it all worse but what are you suppose to do when a dumb girl in you class goes “What is that on your face?”. Pointing to what is clearly my acne-infected-face (she said it in the most annoying, innocent, yet knowing voice you can think of).

Only after going through two medical treatments did my acne clear. My relationship with my skin now is okay. I still have a lot of scars ( I wasn’t able to leave my face and zits alone, still ain’t) and I might get a laser treatment to remove them in the future. A student budget doesn’t allow for such luxuries.

Anyways I rummaged through my skincare stash and picked out the things I actually use from time to time. And I will share them with you now.



I’m going to start with masks. I love masks but I’m not very good at making time for myself to use them. Anyways I have 3 atm that I will use every now and then.

The first one is The Body Shop British Rose. This mask is super runny, I don’t know if you can see it in the pictures above. In the tub it looks like jam and it feels a bit like jam. It does have a very strong rose smell. So if rose is not your thing this is definitely not for you.

It’s a hydrating gel-mask that is suppose to also give your skin a glow. It’s made with real rose petals and essens that is suppose to rehydrate your skin. It is also 100% vegan if that is something you shop for.
Two things that I have noticed. The mask doesn’t dry on your face like a clay mask will. It stays glupy and jam like as it sit on your face. The mask also stings my face a little bit. I haven’t figured out whether this is because my skin doesn’t like the mask, or if it is because it is cold and wet when it’s on my face…


Next up is Origins Clear Improvement. This is an active charcoal mask that clear out pores. I’ve used this loads and I really like it. It doesn’t really have a scent and comes in this squeeze tube with is super handy when applying it. Like any charcoal mask it is a blackish gray colour and you do look slightly terrifying wearing it.

This one dries up on your face making it feel tight (which I love, because it feels like it is working) and impossible to move. I wish I was a peel-off mask rather than a regular mask though. I feel like it would be so much more satisfying to peel it off and maybe see all the gunk it removes from my face.


Lastly for masks I have Lush Just To Clarify. A jelly mask that brightens your complexion. This is the first jelly mask I’ve tried from Lush but surely not the last. I love the concept it is just the right amount of quirky. The mask comes in this nifty container and is a blob of jelly. You can literally pick the entire thing out of the container in one piece. To use it you pinch of a piece and rub it between your fingers turning it into a paste that you can apply to your face.

The mask dries a bit when it sits on your face but not to the point where you can’t move your face. It washes off easily and leaves my skin feeling nice and soft.
Some of the ingredients include papaya juice, orange juice, bergamot oil and grapefruit oil that makes the mask smell divine, fresh and summery.



Of cause you should cleanse your face everyday, two times a day. But I don’t. I have periods where im really good at cleansing and moisturizing morning and evening, aaand then I have periodes where I slag heavily on my skincare which I know isn’t good but it’s the truth.

I have a variety of cleansers and I use them randomly. Picking which ever I feel like at the moment and have no real system or reason for my choices.

The first cleanser is probably the most used one I have, it’s the Balance me Pure Skin Face Wash. I originally bought this because I wanted something more or less natural to wash my face with. As the tube makes you very aware of, the product is 98,8% natural and when you look at the ingredients it is in normal human english.

I mostly like it because of its mild smell and gentle on the skin(and it doesn’t break me out). It does a pretty good job getting rid of make-up with the exception of mascara.


Next up is another favorite cleanser Lush Let the Good Times Roll, this cleanser smells like cookies and I love it.  It has a grain to it so it always leaves my skin polished and soft. The polenta and maize gently exfoliates the skin as you massage the cleanser on your face. It smells of butter popcorn and cinnamon but it isn’t a smell that lingers for long.

After I have used the cleanser I almost feel like I don’t need moisturizer because my face feels so soft. I have almost finished this tub but I will surely repurchase it once I get the chance.


This Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish I heard about via youtube, so when I found it last time I was in London (you can read about that trip here).
I like that it has barely any scent and it leaves my skin feeling moisturized rather than stripped when I use it. It is also really good at removing make-up even mascara. You are suppose to remove the cleanser with a cotton cloth that you get with it.  I usually just wash it off by splashing water in my face and that works fine as well.


Lastly I use Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water on my lazy days where I for some reason don’t feel like washing my face.
You just put a bit of the micellar water on a cotton pad and drag it over your face. This leaves the face feeling refreshed and clean, but also a little bit dry so i try to always use a moisturizer after.
I have been using this for years and I love that it gives me an easy quick cleanse an doesn’t break me out. At times I have also used this as my second cleanse or as a make-up remover which it is great for.



Here I only have one that I actually use. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Creme which I have used for two years now. I love everything about this product. It doesn’t really have any smell other than a really nice creme smell. I appreciate that so I don’t walk around smelling of some funky perfume on my face for the rest of the day. It  feels very nice to apply on the skin and sinks in super fast. As it is a “thick” moisturizer it is nice that you avoid your face feeling greasy.



That was all for now. If you feel like sharing some of your skincare gems please do so in the comments. Also share this post with anyone who would find it interesting.