(not my picture, found it here)

It’s 01.25 on a Sunday night. Or should I say Monday morning? It doesn’t really matters does it. I writhe this as I sit I  my bed unable to sleep. My mind is running wild. Thinking on a thousand things at once and I dont know what to do to slow it down. My brain is overheating but I can’t do nothing about it. Everything is on my mind at once. Do you know the feeling?

No matter how much I toss and turn I can’t finde a comfortable position to be in. Everything hurts after a few seconds. Not just on the outside but on the inside as well. No matter how long I keep my eyes shut they won’t go heavy with sleep. I’m too hot. Next I’m too cold.

You are on my mind. He is on my mind. She is on my mind. They are on my mind. It is on my mind. Not all of it is bad, although most of it makes me sad. It makes me question my decisions. Was I right? Was he right? Is any of this real, or was any of it real?

It’s not even that I feel stressed. I’m on schedule and doing fine.

It’s not that I miss you. It’s just that I miss when we were good.

It’s not that I regret anything. I just dont think now is the right time for me or for us.

I just wish you would answer my messages. So I know you’ve seen it. So I know what to do.

It’s just, I can’t wait to see you! Yet I’m nervous it won’t be as I hoped.

The problem isn’t that I can’t sleep. The problem is that you are not sleeping next to me. The problem is that I’m letting all these thoughts run through my brain, without any of them staying for very long. All these friends keeping me up at night, and non of them have a clue about it.

Sleep tight night owls. If you can.