Today is mothers day…

And all moms deserve this day and a million more like it for all that they do for us.

Motherhood used to be a full time job for most women. But today women work their ass off in the “real world” and yet they still manage to do motherhood at the same time! That’s what I call superpowers. I think a lot of us forget that heros rarely appears in capes but more often in mini-vans or wearing an apron. Mothers accomplishes juggling career and being a mother without us children even realising how much work we are. Even when it gets hard and everyone is unappreciative of the dinner on the table, or because mom was a little late, she never lets it show.


Being a mother equals unconditional love…

I know my mother loves me. Not because she tells me all the time (although she does say it often), but because of all the little things she does. Like the other day she bought me a glutenfree cupcake because she went to a bakery that had glutenfree cupcakes and thought that I should have one. I’d never had a cupcake before that and I’m 20. And she does a lot of little things like that fore me and my little brother. It is through these little acts of love that I and all of us knows that our mom loves us.

I feel like we necklet to let moms know just how much we love them. At least I think I do. The appreciation for mom can easily drown in our everyday problems and frustrationsΒ that to often we end up taking it out on mom. Which she least of all deserves. We should instead let her know that we love her everyday!

Because moms are amazing! They have this crazy ability to fix all of our problems no matter what they are.

And even if she can’t fix it here and now you know that she’ll try her very hardest to do so until it no longer bothers you. And the crazy thing is she’ll continue to do so even when we forget to tell how much we appreciate it!


Moms are great but my mom is the greatest!

So far this post has been a tribute to all mothers, and they definitely deserve all the tributes they get. But there is one mother who I think deserve the tribute the most, and that is my mom.

My mother is the greatest person I know. She is strong, beautiful, smart, amazing and loving all at the same time.
She can fix anything (obviously she is a mom), and there has never been a problem that she wouldn’t help with. Although I didn’t and still don’t come to her with all my problems, she has always had this amazing ability to know exactly what was going on anyway. She did also have eyes on the back of the head when I was little, but that besides the point.

The point is…

… my mother is the greatest human being out there and she deserves all the love and care in the world. No matter how hard or for how long I try I can never return all the love and sacrifices she has made for me and my family. She is the reason I am here today and not just do to biological reasons.

She is so beautiful inside and out.


I love you mom. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. Forever

Your daughter.