Do you also want to feel pink and fluffy at this time of year?ย Valentines day is just around the corner. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite “date” spots in Aarhus. Although the places are specific to Aarhus, the types of places can be found almost anywhere so I hope you can find the equivalent in your city. Maybe share some of your favorite places in the comments?

For the first time in a while I actually have someone to celebrate it with. But I’ll be in Athens and he will be in Aarhus. So we won’t be doing any of these things on february 14th but I assure you they are great.

I’ll start with some free options. Then some budget friendly and lets face it no luxurious options. I don’t have that kind of money.


Green houses

Green houses in botanical gardens are some of my favorite places to vist. Aarhus botanical garden has a great green house. The best part, it is free. So grab the person you are hanging out with on valentines day and go for a walk in the botanical garden. When you are all frozen you can warm up in the green house. This is also perfect if you forgot to buy flowers because you can give the experience of all sorts of exotic flowers.

Aย walk on the beach or in the woods

Fortunately for us who live in Aarhus a walk in the woods can soon be a walk on the beach. But if the weather isn’t horrible a walk on the beach can be so romantic. After all valentines day is about spending time with your favorite human and it doesn’t have to cost anything. If you want you could pack a picnic basket and bring, or just fill two to-go cups with coffee.


The movies

This is a classic and barely needs any explanation. I will however highlight that if you have a little local or independent movie theatre nearby go to that. They are often much nicer than the big blockbuster ones. And cheaper oftentimes.

Playing pool

A place in Aarhus you can always go and be pretty sure to get a table is Sharks. But you can find a pool table at most bars. Playing pool and drinking a beer is super fun and casual. It’s a great way to spend some time together if you don’t know each other that well yet. When playing the chance of running out of things to talk about are pretty slim. And if you do you can always refer to the game. You can also pretend not to know how to play, then your date have to get close to show you.


Cooking together

A budget way to eating together is cooking it yourself. You can either cook it before your date arrives and serve it for them. Or you could cook it together. Pour some glasses of wine and get cracking. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to get to know you date a bit more. Nothing tells you the truth about a person than the way they act in a kitchen.

Going to a play

This is a bit along the lines of a movie, but in Aarhus it’s actually cheaper if you are both students that is. For students you can get tickets to most plays for 60 Dkk. As a theater nerd I can only encourage you to do this. A play is always an interesting and engaging experience. Very different from going to the movies but just as good if not better.


There are few things more romantic than Tivoli in Copenhagen when the sun sets and they light up the park. Aarhus has a Tivoli as well, Tivoli Friheden, but I don’t think it even comes close to the love I have for Tivoli in Copenhagen.

Personally I love the rollercoasters but I don’t always need to go on them. Especially in February it can be a bit cold and uncomfortable going on the rides. So a stroll around the park and maybe dinner at one of the restaurants and I’m a happy girl. This is one of the more pricy options but you can make it a bit more budget friendly by getting food from some of the stands rather than the restaurants. Or choose some of the less expensive ones. I know that a Vapiano has just opened so if you are into Italian food that would be a great budget friendly choice.


Along the lines of Tivoli, just going out to eat can be just the thing! As I assume most people know this can be both pretty cheap and very expensive depending on your choice of restaurant. I think buying take-out and eating it at home is just as good as sitting in some fancy restaurant. So if you are in Aarhus I can recommend; Vaca, mexican street-food take-out. Aarhus street Food, here everybody is sure to find something.