For the first time ever I’m successfully reading more than one book at a time. To be more specific I’m currently reading 4 books. If you are interested in hearing about the books I’m sticking my nose in at the moment carry on reading.

Sapiens – a brief history of humankind


This non-fiction book by Yuval Noah Harari tells the story of our species history. It is not your typical history book, the book very much has a biological point of view and Harari tells the story of Sapiens rise to power in the world and how the changes in our species led to the present we are in now. The writing is easy to follow even though the topic is very scientific, Harari successfully write so that every body can understand his standpoint and keep the history interesting.
If you are into history and biology, or just interested to know how Sapiens ended up ruling the world this is the book for you.

Poetics of Space


Another non-fiction book this one by Gaston Bachelard. I would probably say that this is a book about poetry, although it is not poetry. It’s more of a theoretical book. Bachelard explains the different rooms in a house and the poetics of that space. This book is known as a inspiring book to read as an architect. I haven’t read enough of this book to tell if I agree but I’m intrigued to continue.



This fiction book by Jan Guillou is part of the big century series he is writing at the moment. This is as the title suggest about the 60’ies. I enjoy it but it doesn’t really have a interesting plot line. The entire series is like that. It is a picture of a time period told through a family. I enjoyed the first couple of books in the story more, and I think my change in opinion is related to the family members that Guillou has chosen to follow in recent books, I would have liked to hear about more of them I guess. Non the less I will finish the book and the series because now it has been with me for so long.
If you are into historical fiction that give you a picture of the time I would recommend this series. Also if you enjoy books by Edward Ratherfurd I think you will also like this series.

City of Bones


I’m not really reading this book, I’m listening to it. City of Bones is the second book in the Mortal Instruments series. It’s a young adult fantasy series. I used to read a lot of fantasy when I was younger, then at some point I got bored by the genre. Recently I’ve been wanting to get back into it. I’ve heard a lot about this series and I found it in my library so I thought why not.
I wouldn’t say that I love it, I think it is good but there are also things about the story that I think is a bit iffy. It is a series of what 6 or 8 books so maybe it will be solved later on. With out spoiling anything I will say that one of the things that annoy me in this book and in many YA fantasy books is the fact that the author never commits to a death. If one of the main characters or main side characters dies they always seem to survive or return from the dead somehow. I’m fine with one resurrection a story but when a character dies and returns from the dead a second time I get a bit annoyed. Like if they are suppose to die let them die please!
This wasn’t suppose to be a rant about fantasy but oh well. I will recommend this book if you are into fantasy series, especially series where a group of young kids fight off the ultimate evil because the adults won’t listen.


These are the books I’m reading at the moment. What are you reading? Do you have any recommendations for me?