I’ve been doing some traveling recently, and because I’m a student I travel with the cheapest airlines I can find. So I rely on packing in my carry-on suitcase. Because of that I’ve invested in a new one, and I’ll tell you a bit more about it before I get into the things I pack.

The Suitcase

My new suitcase is from Delsey, a Parisian company. I had a few requirements for my new suitcase. I had to be a hardcase, have 4 wheels, be lightweight, and not black. The Segur from Delsay hits all these points. Its a lightweight durable hardcase carry-on that fits the measurements of the likes of RyanAir. It has 4 double wheels and a TSA approved lock. As a little bonus it has detachable linning so you can wash the insides of your case! Oh and it is not black, its grey which is almost as boring but still a bit easier to spot.
I should probably add that this is in no-way sponsored, I’m not nearly read enough for that, but I guess you are suppose to write these things…


The Content

My latest trip was a week in Athens. The weather in Athens at this time of the year is milder than the weather in Denmark and can get temperatures in the higher teens. So I’ve packed in layers. I brought two pairs of nice jeans besides the pair of trousers I was traveling in. For a week you don’t really need more bottoms than that. I knew we were going out during the stay, but as it was a study trip we wouldn’t necessarily go somewhere you’d need fancy cloths. Therefor I pack for the days of exploring rather than for looking good.
I’ve packed six tee-shirts and two jumpers, one more chunky than the other. This way I can layer when needed. I was also bringing my leather jacket to wear as a coat or layered under my winter coat.
I’ve gone for neutral and earthy colors and pieces that I know I feel good in and can wear for hours and hours. A great trick I’ve learned is to roll your shirts instead of folding them (doesn’t work with jeans and pants in general), this way it is easier to keep your case neat while you are taking things out of it and putting things in. Some people say Β its also more space efficient, I don’t know about that, but it worked for me nonetheless.



As for my toiletries, I’m very proud of how much I could cut down on this one! I usually bring way too much make-up and skincare. Because I had to fit everything in a carry-on this time around I stripped down to the bare essentials.
As you can see on the picture I brought cleansing wipes, tangle teaser, and of cause my toothbrush in that fancy pink case, which I can only recommend you have if your toothbrush and hairbrush are in the same toiletbag.
Besides this I of cause brought toothpaste, shampoo, body soap, face cleanser and moisturizer ect. These were just a variety of samples I had lying around.

As for make-up I took as little as possible. A tinted moisturizer, concealer, a MAC paint pot and eyeshadow in purplish colours as they make my eyes pop, a purple and a brown eyeliner, eye brow pencil, mascara and a couple of lipsticks.


I don’t wear much jewelry and I tend to loos it when I’m away. But I did bring a little bit in case I felt like wearing any. In this little pouch I had my rings, a bracelet, a necklace, and some hair pins and hair ties. This all nicely fits in my toilet bag and keeping it in a separate pouch means I don’t have to dig through my toilet bag to find it at the bottom.


Besides this I also brought a camera backpack which had my camera, my computer, my notebook and pencilcase.
If you have any carry-on packing tips let my know in the comments.