I LOVE podcasts! I listen to one at least once a day. I think they are so much fun (maybe because all the podcasts I listen to are classified as comedy?) and at times educational too. I often prefer this to music in the morning, although don’t get me wrong I love to rock out to some sick tunes and dance around in my underware too.

Here is a list of some of my favorites:

Serial If you don’t know Serial then you have really missed out! Serial is a podcast that tells a real story split up until about 12 chapters. The stories are so interesting and each episode digs deep into all the different aspects there are to these cases. The fist season tells the story about Adnan Syed, and it left me wondering weather or not he really killed his high school girlfriend. The new season which is airing now is about Bowe Bergdahl why was captured by the Taliban and held for 5 years.

Filler Filler is a creative industries podcast hosted by Harry and Matt. Each episode they sit down with someone in the creative industry and have a conversation about that persons career, what got them into the industry, what they have in store and much more. I find it really interesting and super inspiring.

Third ear Third ear is almost like a danish version of Serial. They also talk about real life cases and some of them span over several episodes, although most stories stays within one episode. I have a large group of friends who also enjoy Third ear and we have had some really good times listening to it together.

Ear Biscuits This is a podcast from youtube duo Rhett and Link. They are taking a break from the podcast at the moment, but there are two seasons worth of interesting episodes to catch up on. They invite a fellow youtube in the studio and talk to them about everything, and usually it gets deep. As nosy as I am I really enjoy getting to know the youtubers I watch a bit better.

Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig Staying with the youtubers, is this fantastic podcast by youtuber Grace Helbig. This is the complete opposite of Ear Biscuits. Grace also invites youtubers in the studio, but the premis of the podcast is never to get too deep. Therefor the questions are light and funny. It’s an easy to listen to podcast that is sure to give you a smile on your lips.

The podcasts I listen to - the native

Shane and Friends I feel like if you already listen to Ear Biscuit and Not Too Deep then you must also know Shane and Friends. Shane is another youtuber who has thrown himself over podcasts. Together with his co-host he interview a verity of people in the youtube community but also from the entertainment industry in general. He does have some interesting opinions at times, but he has an amazing interest in people.

Psychobabble This is the last youtube related podcast i promise. Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl are best friends and on this podcast they meet and talk everything pop-culture, LGBT and youtube. The episodes aren’t as long as some of the other podcasts which is a nice change at times.

Fup i Farvandet This one is a danish comedy podcast. Comedians Mikkel and Morten meets with a third comedian to talk about that persons live. This is by far the podcast I find the most awkward listening to in public because I’m always trying to suppress a laugh on the bus or on the train listening to this. So if you like danish comedy this is probably the podcast for you!

Det Dystre Skæg Along the lines of Fup i Farvandet is this podcast also hosted by two danish comedians. But similarities also end here. Det Dystre Skæg is a podcast where Elias and Martin talk about 1. world problems and other things the think is wrong in this word, and it usually end up being pretty hilarious. So if your humor is slightly pessimistic you’ll love this one!

Guys We Fucked This is the latest addition to my podcast obsession. The anti slut shaming podcast Guys We Fucked is hosted by comedian duo Sorry About Last Night consisting of Corinne and Krystyna. The podcast is about mainly about sex but also touches on relationship from time to time. The girls invite former boyfriends, guys they fucked, friends and other comedians on for a little chat about sex. It is both funny, interesting, educational and just plain amazing. So check it out!

The podcasts I listen to - the native

If you check out any of the podcasts I’ve mentioned I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do. And if you know of any that you think I should give a listen please leave them in the comments.